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Beginner´s Guide

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First and formost, you will need to create an account in order to use this website. After filling out all of the correct information in the sign up page, you will be able to start signing up for classes. This is the home page:

You will realize there are six tabs on top. But to get started, you only need to worry about two of them. Appointment and Teacher.

By clicking on "Teacher", you can view the profile and teaching records of each teacher which might help you decide which teacher you want to

have a appointment with.

To sign up for a class,  you will click on "Appointment". All of the teacher's names will be shown in appointment and you can click

each name to check if they have sessions planned.

To sign up for the class, click "Join Now!" This will bring you to:

Here you will be able to leave a message for the teacher so that he or she knows that you might be interested.

You have to include the following in your message:

- Confirmation that you have check you are avalible at the time in your time zone.

- Your skype username so the teacher can add you.

Please use the following website to convert time zones:

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