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    Hi all! I am Cindy Yuan - the founder of this site. I am currently studying at a boarding school in upstate New York. Aside from English, I am also fluent in Chinese and is learning Japanese. My interests include listening to music, singing, and acting. I also enjoy philosophical and political discussions. I am open to talk about anything that you might be interested. I look forward to chatting with you!To set up a lesson with me: please comment on one of my available times and add me on Skype (my account is ycindy419)

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Time: 10-15-2017 8:30AM-9:30AM

Topic:  Managing school

As all of us students know, school is overwelming. What makes it more stressful is trying to manage school along with extra curricular activities! Let's chat about how we each deal with that life and share our experiences!

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Skype: ycindy0419

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